Live the Olive Way

Since times immemorial, the olive is considered a gift from nature by the people of the Mediterranean. Not only has it been a prime source of livelihood for the people in the region, but it is also a source of inherited health, nutrition and taste benefits. The pristine in nature and nutritious olives are rich in aroma and taste. These are the age-old treasures from the Mediterranean.

With the increasing consciousness about health, and increasing acceptance of the Mediterranean cuisine/culture in India we invite the country to Live the Olive Way!

This proposition invites Indian to consume food only tempered and flavoured with olive oil, since it has been proven that those who consume olive oil live longer and suffer from fewer diseases. It urges Indians to switch to olive based cosmetics, since they are gentler on the skin. It prompts ont to incorporate the olive fruit in one’s day to day life, since regular consumption of the fruit in some form the other, leads one to live a more contented, satisfied life.

It is a proposition. It is an invitation. It is a celebration. It is an Inspiration. Live the Olive Way!

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Our Products

We bring you the health and taste from the heart of the Mediterranean lands with the best olive oil products. The products we offer are the reflection of the diligent work and enthusiasm of individual producers and farmers. Heracles products are used in over 60 countries across the globe. Here is a brief of what we offer for your shelves.

Olive Oil

We bring you the best and authentic olive oils from Calabria, Southern Italy. The region is best known for the quality of olives and oils it produces. We at Heracles aim at providing you the best Olive Oils to keep you and your family healthy. Add the flavors of Mediterranean in your diet and get the health benefits of the Golden Liquid.


Bringing to you, your favorite Italian delicacy the “Pasta”. We bring to you the range of most popular kinds of pasta. Penn Zit, Penne Rigate, Spaghetti in our list we bring the authentic Mediterranean flavors that you dine out for, in your kitchen.


Heracles bring you the best selected and pitted olives from the Mediterranean Lands. The plump look and the fresh color of the olives do not only add Italian flavor to your meal but also makes it visually tempting. The perfectly sliced olives from us will add Mediterranean flavors and health benefits to your food. We offer green and black, pitted as well as sliced olives.

Pasta Sauces

With authentic and traditional Italian pasta sauces, add zing to your food. Our range of pasta sauces are not only perfect for your homemade italian dishes but also for adding twists to Indian dishes.

Cosmetic Range

Bringing the Mediterranean beauty secrets to Indian shore, Heracles offer a range of soaps enriched with the goodness of olive.

Extra Light Oil *New Arrival

From the lands of Mediterranean we bring you richness of olives with Heracles Extra Light Oil. Perfect for Indian delicacies, this healthy oil is the king of your kitchen. Fry, stir Fry, roast or just sprinkle on salads to enhance the taste and increase health quotient of your meal.

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